Chronicles in wonderland



… is to trust my intuition and live life to the fullest.


I do not believe in staying positive the whole time. I do believe in living emotions. All the colours of the rainbow. The good and the bad. If something makes me happy, I show it. If something makes me angry I show it. (Don’t play board games with me, hahahaha)

I believe that emotions actually show you triggers you have to work on if they are negative. I believe that happiness does not come easy and requires work.

Back to the rainbow of emotions: We’re living in an age, where we are told our goal is to be positive and happy.

Bullshit! 🙂

I believe in being authentic. 

I believe in speaking the truth in a respectful way. 

I do not lie. If I catch myself lying, it shows me that I need to change something in my life. If there is a moment I cannot be honest, the situation has to be changed- not my words.

I want to live my life true to myself and true to others. Even if it means getting angry or sad at some points.

I honestly and truly believe that being honest will guide us to the life we want to live 🙂



… is to get people step out of their comfort zone. To start listening to their heart and learn to live using their intuition.



TRUST. Trust that life wants to do you good. I mean it’s not all farting rainbows – life can be hard and this cannot be smiled away by looking at inspirational “stay positive” yoga yuppie bullshit.

But I believe if you learn how to change the way you see negative events that happen in your life and start seeing them as a “lesson” life wants you to teach, you are free.

Free to live- free to travel. Free to follow your heart and be happy.



I’m a recent long-term student who has been traveling the world for the past 7 years. My name is Denise, but as I was called Dennis in school, I still turn around when I hear it, haha.

I’ve studied English and Geography in Heidelberg, Germany and though I’ve done that for ten years I finally finished my Masters Degree in teaching. I applied to schools around the world and Brazil was the first to answer. I am currently living in São Paulo to teach English in a private High School. In my free time I travel as much as I can. Though I love my job, I figured that it was time for something new and decided to stop working there by December 2018. I I have no idea where life will take me after that…

Most likely I am the most chaotic traveler you will ever meet. When I travel I do not plan anything in advance, I book the ticket and off I go. I get lost a LOT, but luckily I somehow always end up where I need to be. My memory is like a sieve. If I don’t write things down or record them I am most likely to forget them.

This is why I write. This is why my GoPro has basically grown onto my right arm. This is why I’ve kept a diary for every single travel for the past 7 years.

How I

Lost my Memory

I lost my memory once while riding Downhill. I recovered, but one thing that stayed is the inability to tell which month I am in. Seriously if you would tell me right now “For February it is pretty hot” I would not question it at all and just nod in blind consent. Adding to that my attention span is so terribly bad I can barely listen to any word after 10 minutes, but I will most likely perfectly mirror the mimics and appear to be taking all in. I am the female version of the Scrubs guy.

Hahaha, well the whole thing is actually not too bad. Having fallen on my head (quoting my uncle who is pretty sure I’ve hit my head looong before that accident) I got much more intuitive, which is very useful for a female solo traveler.

“Do you know where you are?”

“I was just in Bali and now I am in a German hospital? This does not make any sense”

Mom, who is that weird guy in the corner staring at me?

“You don’t remember?”. No, I don’t. Neither do I remember that I have just recently won a trip to Thailand that starts in about 2 weeks. “Who wins a trip to Thailand- this is not real”, I keep repeating.

Looking back now, 6 years later. Nothing seems to be real in my life. The weirdest things keep happening to me and luck just keeps following. Maybe it’s my mindset, maybe its my bad memory that helps me keep mostly those things in my mind that make me happy.

I just feel places and situations. If it feels wrong I walk away- if it feels good I stay. And this is how I travel.

This is how I live.

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“The real wonders of life lie in the depths. Exploring the depths for truths is the real wonder which the child and the artist know: magic and power lie in truth.”

– Anaïs Nin