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There we go again! Why volunteer work and not just hang out at the beach and enjoy the art of doing nothing? 

Because it’s boring! It’s so damn boring to hang out at a beach and relax. You can do it anywhere. I feel like volunteering gets me to experience the country in a different way- it kind of makes me feel like I would actually live there and experience it to be my home. So why not feel home in Hawaii?


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On my way to Hawaii I had an overlay of 7 hours in Vegas. I always tend to book the cheapest flight and as no-one wants to be stuck in airports for more than an hour, prices go down if you do. Why not actually enjoy it! I had enough time to explore the city.

When I went out of the plane I had absolutely no idea where to go, but luckily I was picked up by Rob, a Couchsurfer I had contacted a week ahead.  He was waiting in his car and I had never seen him before. He had good references and my stomach didn’t hurt when I looked at his picture. Yeah, I figure this sounds weird, but it actually happens to me when I get the feeling the person in not good for me.

And there he was now, right next to me on the driver’s seat smiling at the road. 


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Do you need a job, but don’t have any qualifications? Do you want to get paid a little but actually do not want to work at all?

High Five! I guess you have come to the right place! Customer service in Brazil provides all of the above mentioned requirements. All you have to do is chill out and not give a fuck. But let me guide you through this step by step…


Reading Time: 4 minutesThe goal of beer pong is to hit the beer cups of the opponent team with ping pong balls. Once a cup is hit, the beer inside has to be drunk. Each player of one team shows one ball, then it’s the other team’s turn. The game continues until one team loses all of their…


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We have all seen the movie “The Beach”, with backpacking Leo who dives into a hidden paradise, – a secret island somewhere in the Andaman Sea.
In the movie he got a map in Bangkok, found someone to charter a small boat with, and swam the remaining distance towards the island.
Well guess what! You can do exactly the same!


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Off to Koh Phi Phi, an island where you can walk from one side to the other side in less than 5 minutes. It’s bigger than it sounds, but is also kind of narrow. In the middle you find yourself in tourist trap wonderland: t-shirts, bars, sand and whiskey buckets. It’s backpackers’ paradise and the only reason you go there is to get drunk, enjoy some electronic music and watch people dance with fire. Only a cut off few palm trees and some warning signs remind you of the tsunami, that hit that part some years earlier.