I would not recommend to only spend one day in Singapore, but in case you’re on a visa run or just don’t have enough time – that’s your To Do List!

The Republic of Singapore is an island city-state in Southeast Asia. It’s undoubtedly the most expensive on (being more expensive than many European cities). Singapore is safe, dry clean and organized. If you walk through the streets at night, there are no homeless people, there are barely any dodgy people hanging around in corners. There are people with EarPods, iPhones and beautiful night gowns strolling on the streets to meet up with friends or colleagues in some bar.

Sometimes you can spot a dude in a suit sitting on the sidewalk smoking a cigarette, but that’s about how “bad” it gets hahaha. Singapore has made a big effort to green up the city. There are plants everywhere, the streets are clean and the air is fresh. People will pass you on electrical scooters and unless you get one yourself, you’ll watch them disappear in the distance only leaving your jealous face behind.

Singapore is hot all year round! Expect 38 degrees celsius during the day and not less than 25 in the night. Long pants? Leave them at home. Caps with in-built ventilators? You might start to consider these ones.



Getting from Singapore’s Changi airport to the city is easy! Before you plan, ask your hostel whether they can pick you up. Most of them offer free airport pickup- you just have to ask!

Alright, here are actually four ways to do so… and here we go:



20-30 minutes

This one might be the easiest and most comfortable way to reach the city, but it’s also the stupidest one. Save some money, get a shuttle bus and spend those extra dollars on the next friendly waitress.

NOTE that there are extra fees in case you arrive late: surcharge is 5$. If you need a taxi between 0:00 and 6:00 surcharge will be 50% of fare shown on the meter. Crazy motherfuckers, hahaha. During rush hour (6am-9.30am) it’s 25%.



30-40 minutes

This one is recommended if you travel lightly. You can allowed to bring one suitcase/ backpack and one carry one. But to be honest, I’d say they don’t check. And if they do, just slip the driver some 5$ and he wouldn’t be bothered about an extra bag. Singapore is expensive and he knows that.

Going by shuttle is the best option in my opinion. You’re driven to the door of your hotel/hostel and there’s WiFi in the bus. Hoooooray!



35 minutes

The MRT train is the cheapest option to get to the city.

Though it can be quite a challenge to find the stations and actually arrive. I would definitely not, but if you’re organized, you might be able to. Or you just take the shuttle bus and enjoy the free WiFi.

Oh! You’re actually still reading this section? Well, alright… this is what you need to do:

Find Tanah Merah station (Follow the sign “Train to the City”) and catch a Green line MRT train to get to the city.

Good Luck.



1,5 hours

Another stupid option to get to the city is by bus. Train is cheaper and faster, but you might Just looove to go by bus, so this option is for you:

At the basement of Terminals 1,2 and 3 there’s one bus line that will take you to the city:

36/ 36A

There won’t be any busses from 22:50 until 6:00!

Get off at Marine Parade Road or any other road closer to your hotel/ hostel. Check online where your place is located and chose the bus stops on Google.


Singapore is expensive!

You’ve heard people talk about it and you’ve kind of prepared yourself, but in that moment your beer costs 18$ your heart will sink a little.

You might the decide to rush to the nearest 7-Eleven, only to find out it‘s still 4-6$ there. Welcome to Singapore!

Prices Singapore



Esplanade is a perfect place to stroll around with a take away Iced Tea from Starbucks. Hey! Did you know that Singapore has twenty Starbucks? Twenty! Crazy huh!

Anyways! Esplanade is beautiful (though very very hot) and while you sweat to death, you can enjoy the view.

There are also some overpriced museums around (starting at 12$ entry), that have some crazy architecture.


There’s a hotel called Marina Bay Sands. It looks like there is a ship on top. If you want to watch the sunset you’ll head up to the roof.

It’s 28$ entry and there’s one bar on each tower. They are NOT connected to each other up there, so make sure to head up to Tower 3, which is the best one to watch a sunset from. It’s the one on the left.

There will be two entries: one for the hotel residents and one for you, hahaha. Of course yours won’t be as fancy, but hey! For a sunset it’s nice… in a very expensive way.



The Botanic Gardens in Singapore are a declared World Heritage Site and a place to head to. bring your camera, some snacks and prepare to walk around this area for the next 3 hours. The park with the trees is free- you just walk in- no entry fee needed. The only thing that costs are the Flower Dome and the Cloud Forest.

Both the Flower Dome and the Cloudy Forest contain all of the plants and flowers in the world.

There is only one combined ticket for both and it is 28$ per person, valid for the whole day. If you’re like me and think, let’s watch the trees with the giant waterfall and skip the flowers- no chance- you will need to pay for both.

There’s another combined ticket with a shuttle service that will only cost you more money. Don’t consider that one- you can walk! It’s not far!

Let’s start with the ones that are free: The Outdoor Gardens.

Hang out at the meadows watch some weird topiaries and enjoy the trees, art and small lakes in between.

The outdoor Gardens are open from 5am-2am daily.




Dragonfly lake


For 8$ you can walk up the trees.

Skip that one- it only looks spectacular from down there, it’s free and the pictures look nicer. The only time you could consider walking on the bridges is at night when the trees are glowing in various colors and you stroll on these bridges.


Now the two domes that cost 28$. It’s actually quite funny when you go inside. In case you’re like me and try to get some great pictures, this one is a fight! And not one between Instagrammers (they normally respect to take turns)…. no it’s the old flower people!

I’ve seriously never seen old people push their way in front of my camera just to get a pictures with them in front of a flower. It’s cute and damn weird at the same time. Imagine Bambi suddenly trying to bite and attack you. That’s old people with flowers in there.

Anyways I survived it and this is how it looks like…

(By the way, imagine three times more visitors, it actually took me three hours to get these pictures)


Flower dome

Flower Dome is a little boring, so I’ll start with that one. If you’re into flowers or one of the fighting grannies mentioned above, this one is for you. If you’re like me you’re more like, „hey there! Alright I’ve seen it all!“

Unless they are a present, excitement about flowers without acid is for old people.  But hey! Here you go! I have got just a few nice pictures, before I was almost squeezed to death by the hardcore grannies. I am not joking here.

Chronicles in wonderland


Cloud forest

Alright! This one is nice, because it starts with a massive waterfall. The Dome has several floors, so what you want to do is head to the elevator, go all the way up and then walk back down. I loved this place and I made so many pictures I had to create this carousel for you. Enjoy!

Damn when I move to Berlin in July, I’ll pack my new flat with all kinds of plants! Hahaha!


Singapore is so safe, there’s is no need to worry. The only time people will approach you at night is to probably ask for the time. Walk around the city, gaze at some of the high skyscrapers, drink a beer for 18$ (bad joke intended) and make sure to hit the underground tunnels, there’s some amazing street art to be found.



I can highly recommend to stay at the “Bohemian Chic” in Chinatown. Every bunk bed has a flat screen and there’s ..

… wait for it …


Beds are comfortable and the staff is amazing!


There’s a vegan fast food restaurant that has over 25 vegan burgers and 6 different vegan pizzas.

The name is “NomVNom” and you can find it inside the Clarke Quay Mall in the 2nd floor, right by the side of the river.

You can try some Matcha Ice cream and eat a Nori Soybean Burger, or a Tempeh Satay one. It’s very delicious.

Matcha Ice cream


    • Hey Tash! Yes You will! It took me a day to record all of that, but I have to admit that it was a bit stressful 😉 if you can pack all of the activities into two days, you can relax a bit more 🙂

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