On my way to Hawaii I had an overlay of 7 hours in Vegas. I always tend to book the cheapest flight and as no-one wants to be stuck in airports for more than an hour, prices go down if you do. Why not actually enjoy it! I had enough time to explore the city.

When I went out of the plane I had absolutely no idea where to go, but luckily I was picked up by Rob, a Couchsurfer I had contacted a week ahead.  He was waiting in his car and I had never seen him before. He had good references and my stomach didn’t hurt when I looked at his picture. Yeah, I figure this sounds weird, but it actually happens to me when I get the feeling the person in not good for me.

And there he was now, right next to me on the driver’s seat smiling at the road. “You hungry?”

– YUP. I’ always hungry!

Alright. We were heading to a Tapas Bar. He told me it’s the best place in Vegas and I can’t argue with that so far. Dave, a friend of him soon joined and was just as hungry as I was. We ordered almost everything and OH MY GOD. This food was amaaaazing. I mean Tapas- how awesome is this concept: Delicious food in miniature portions.. a lot of miniature portions!!! Who does not like that?

Cheese and Bacon Nuggets, Vegetables with cheese and then Fried (!) MC Cheese Noodles!! Yum!!

By that time I did not know yet that I was allergic to Lactose and just ignored my stomach ache, because I was in food heaven!!

I couldn’t stop eating!

“And what’s your favourite kind of food?”

American. American it is.

Goodby Bikini! This is just not going to work out for the two of us this year.

After binge eating we went to a hotel bar and got some cocktails. Damn they were strong! I mean I kind of needed them to digest the food in my belly, but pheeew- they were strong!

Right after starting to get kind of drunk  (“Holy … How am I ging to get into that plane later”) we went to the Las Vegas Strip, where all the Casinos were. What a place! You feel like you were transported right inside the television of Consumption Wonderland!

There were so many people, everything was colourful and shiny and all the people were SO damn happy!! They were all so damn happy, I wanted to punch them in the face a little. I did not do that as I was a bit tipsy aswell and probably had the hugest grin on my face over there, but I have to admit this thought kind of popped up in my head. And then I spotted a homeless lady on the street who had dressed her cat (her cat!) with a leather jacket. Hahahaha what the fuck is wrong with you?! It made me laugh in a weird way, but I did not reward her with any dollars.

I used those to GAMBLE. Oh yeah! That’s what you should do in Vegas! Gamble!

We went inside a Casino that had a painted ceiling that changed colours!! Oh My god. This was so beautiful. It felt like you were walking inside a painting.

I loved it and decided to get some beer there. We walked on a floor made out of red carpet and though I kind of felt bad to wear shoes on a fluffy carpet I was very soon distracted by some girls who were advertising stuff in weird, but nice dresses and magical hats.

Vegas! I like you!

When I reached the bar Rob told me that the beer is refill beer for as long as you gamble…. Are you kidding me?! Hahahaha this is awesome! I want to gamble and I want beer, the German in me shouted. And that’s how it worked out:

There are screens built inside the bar counter where you can play every single game you like whilst betting money on you winning. The money can be easily inserted and there you go! A friendly guy with a funny circus hat behind the bar hands you your beer and then you start to play.

Well… at first you win and then you stat to lose. It’s kind of obvious that the casinos want you to play along, but when they let you win a little to then make you lose, you kind of activate challenge mode …

I lost 80 Dollars.

We went to the Bellagio after. As a huge fan of Ocean Eleven I wanted to get some chips and take them back to my friends in Germany. Entering the Bellagio is like walking inside a surreal place that looks like the home of a really rich person: high ceilings, huge windows and a bathroom that was nicer than my parents’ living room. And with a mom who loves interior design, this means something.

I enjoyed it there, lost some money again. Damn you Vegas!! and got more beers with Rob.

We saw the water show on the strip and he told me about his life as a poker player. Apparently he had earned huge amounts of money he then used to travel. I loved the idea to win money from gambling, but was far away from that here haha. Anyways I am a terrible liar- my face would tell you every card you wanted to know!

After some more beers we realised that my flight to Hawaii was about to leave soon and started to run towards the car. Heading over the streets way too far I realised that unlike Rob I would not be able to drive anymore. He dropped me at the airport, I got my backpack on, hugged him goodbye and ran towards the Check in Counter. I was the last person and my luggage was a bit too heavy.

Damn you Hawaiian Airlines!! I did not know they were so strict, paid the fee and walked through the gates. I was the last person on the plane, fell into my seat and passed out a minute later. Some hours later I woke up in Honolulu, a saw a friendly woman with a pink flower in her hair smiling at me.

“Yes. This is going to be nice here,” I thought.

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