Traveling away from the rain had us end up on Koh Samed, one of the smaller islands in the east of Thailand. Escaping the rain is the only way to travel around Thailand during rainy season. Do not plan anything, just make sure that damn rain cannot catch up with you! We had flown from Chiang Mai to Bangkok, had gotten caught in the tourist souvenir and alcohol trap and had spent 4,5 hours in a bus to reach the boat to Koh Samed. Arrrgh have I mentioned how much I hated boats? Yeah, probably.

But, as always, the destination was worth it. And I have to say, this island was some weird place. Just look at the pigs!

Wait What?! Yeah, exactly! That is a pig and yes, I was still wearing the same dress. Don’t judge me, I love that one and I basically had to carry my closet on the back, so this one will come up a lot more, haha.

Back to my story. What did we do on that island?

Well, we were F L O A T I N G.

This is what we did.


What are we doing today?

– We are floating.

Any plans for tomorrow?

– Floating.

Seemed legit.

While we were (who could have guessed) floating, we saw something else floating in the water: A sailboat.

Wait what? … We suddenly had an idea! We needed to find the captain, so he could ship us to Koh Mak. This totally made sense. This brilliant idea took up so much space in my head, I totally forgot my motion sickness. We walked around the island and talked to people until we found out who that Dude with the sailboat was: Mister Hilton.

He looked like Hugh Hefner, but wasn’t wearing a bathing robe.

Let’s talk to him.

And so we did. Turned out Hilton liked the idea to sail to Koh Mak. Turned out that the trip would take 2 days, turned out Hilton had a friend who was a star cook. Turned out we nailed it!

“We’ll sail 11pm. I hope you like Pasta and Indian.”

Yup, sounds awesome. We still had time for a Thai massage.

Those massages were awesome. They hurt like hell and it sounds like one of your bones would crack when they move you around, but afterwards you feel like a newborn baby. Thai massages are the best.

NOT this one. I got the granny! Aah fuck that! A massage granny! She was slow and she was old and when she massaged me it felt like her bones would move on me, but her skin would stay at the same place. Eeeeew. And then she walked ON me. NO please NO!!! Eeeeew why!! This is not good- this grosses me out! When is it ov….. *bones crack*. Ah damn! That HURT! She massages me so slowly I thought she would take a nap on my back with her mouth open. The pictures in my head were probably worse than reality, but damn was I happy when it was over.

Thinking about me on a boat for the next two days did not make it any better. What had I thought to take a boat trip for two damn days… on the water?

Gosh was I happy, when Hilton gave me some pills against motion sickness. I heard him talk about a woman on the island he was in love with and in a far distance I heard him talk about crossing the Atlantic Ocean with this boat, him being in storms…. I opened my eyes. I was lying in a cabin under a fluffy blanket, my clothes still on. The surface of the water was moving up and down behind the little round window in front of me. Laughter outside. It was Hilton, my friend Fabienne and Marc, an Italian guy who had joined us. Awesome. When you sleep with clothes you can just get up and you’re already dressed, haha. I walked upstairs and tried to hold on to the walls. Everything was moving- I felt terrible! Yeah- I could have known that …

Before I could say “hi” I was greeted by three people who were all way too happy and talkative…. and then I saw the food…

Damn!! This star cook got 6 Stars from me for sure, haha. After the food I got another pill against motion sickness, we explored the boat a bit and chatted with Hilton until he suggested to take a siesta. Thanks Hilton! You’re my man!

I woke up in Koh Chang 12 hours later.

We docked on a small private harbour and visited some Swiss Guy, one of Hilton’s friends. We chatted and walked around. Damn that was weird to have solid ground under your feet- it almost made me feel worse not to move. Although I had turned into a sleep monster, I had kind of gotten used to the moving floor. After some beers we got on a rubber dinghy and paddled back to the boat, to eat some awesome food and then, who could have guessed, slept really well. At night there was a huge storm and the boat was shaking really badly. But guess who overslept the whole scenario?! Me. Hahaha.

We were woken up with fresh croissants the next morning. I decided not to take any pills on that last day. Since I had most likely overdosed the last few days, I was totally fine on the boat that day. Boat trips are so much fun without suffering sea sickness. Hilton tied a rope on his boat and pulled us through the water, Oh my God! This was SO much fun!

Best thing ever! Not as good as learning how to ski with a rope, snow, a jeep and my crazy uncle, but almost as awesome.

Hilton stopped at some uninhabited island where we jumped off the boat and floated in the water. We walked around an island, collected coconuts and used them as pillows in the water. I was happy!

We reached Koh Mak with huge smiles on our faces, pulled the sailboat onto another wooden boat, jumped from one boat to another and then onto the dock, waved Hilton goodbye and got in a small truck, that had wooden planks to sit on. We were heading to a place called “Monkey Bar”, where we rented a bungalow at the beach. We were the only guests. They told us that the storm had been so heavy the night before, no boat had arrived that day.

Well WE had arrived, haha. We got the bar to ourselves and played loud music from my mp3 Player. We were dancing on the tables whilst drinking some rum. At some point we decided to have a night swim. It was so dark, that you could see the bioluminescent plankton shimmering in the water- the stars above us. I was awake and I was happy!

(I’m not precisely telling the story of us running into the water at night thinking skinny dipping would be an awesome idea to then realize the water is shallow …. and the water does not really get any deeper soon! Damn that moon was suddenly bright. How on earth were we getting back with dignity!?)

We did not.

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