“Just living is not enough,” said the butterfly,
“one must have sunshine, freedom, and a little flower.”

Leaving Bali to head to Java felt right. I started to get too comfortable and needed something new. But before heading to Java, there was something I needed to do. Full of the excitement that lies in heading to unknown places, I was ready to start a new adventure and felt like walking out of an action movie. You know that feeling when you leave the cinema and you actually are the hero that saved the world. That was me on this day, ready to master everything that got into my way… until I saw that angry guy in a uniform standing right next to my scooter.

“Kamu?” He asked and pointed at my scooter.

“Saaaya….” I replied telling him it’s mine.

Don’t judge my Indonesian… I basically said “I” hahaha, but I guess he got it.  Judging his gestures and his angry look he didn’t seem to be that happy about my scooter standing on the sidewalk. I tried to gesture back, that there was a LOT of space left and no-one except for him seemed to care. Looking back now, I am quite happy he did not understand much of my “Indonesian”. While I was wildly throwing up my arms in the air, he handed me a ticket. 1000 Rupiah it said, which was about 6 cent. HA! Riding off with my scooter I thought about the insane amount of parking tickets I had to pay back in Germany and figured Indonesia was a beautiful country.

But I had more important things to be happy about: I was on my way to Hanamon Road to get my first tattoo. I had been carrying the design in my wallet for the past 2 years and I wanted to get it on Bali, not Java. I was about to leave the following day, so I had to hurry up. I reached the tattoo place and Jim Bim got ready to get out the ink. His professional name did not impress me, neither did the action movie he was watching whilst tattooing me. I was in pain! I admired his calm hands when the movie got more exciting, but sometimes he needed a break to catch up with the storyline. Understandable. About 15-20 Minutes later I was set and ready to leave the place. “5 days no water”, he shouted. “That’s alright,” I figured. I’ll spend the next few days in a car to Java- there won’t be much water.

I got back on the scooter and felt the stings of my newly damaged, but beautifully coloured skin. It felt good. I felt rebellious. Would I tell my parents? Haha, probably not. When I was riding along the bumpy road, the sun shining into my face, I suddenly saw something I had seen earlier before.

Police. Great. Always happy to …

“NO! You can’t go!!” They stopped me and I wasn’t allowed to ride along. I was worried that now they might wanted to see my non-existent driving licence, but it was just a roadblock. Phew. There was no passing by. A ceremony was about to happen. Sweaty, way too much sun and no shower in sight, I stood there with my scooter, the sun burning down on my face. Fifty men lifted up a 5 meter tower as well as a cow made out of cardboard.

Does this sound weird? Trust me it was!

Crowds were forming by the side of the road, I heard drums in the background. Shower- I want to shower. I switched off my scooter and pushed it through the crowd. Yeah, not making friends here. Sometimes I got stuck, but I finally managed to pass the ceremony after about 15 minutes, ready to dip into shower land. I urgently needed to pack my bags as well.

As I only had 4 days before heading back south to the Gili Islands, I had figured I’d travel fancy again and had asked Agung if he would drive me to and around Java. “You? Only you?” was his first reaction. He did not seem to be too happy about it, but I figured he would get used to me and most likely he’d survive it. Anyways I needed him, because I knew I would never make it to Java on my own without getting lost.

With a fresh new tattoo I was ready to leave to Java, the country of butterflies.

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