The Freetown Christiania is an intentional hippie commune in Kopenhagen, Denmark, that has been formed during the 1970. Laws don’t apply here and weed is sold on colourful market stands in Pusher street.

The area is pretty small – you can basically walk in and out as you please. At night Christiania is framed by colourful Chinese lanterns and little sparkling light bulbs dangling on tree branches. Houses are coloured and wooden signs have been painted on in rainbow colours. There is street art on the walls and massive clouds of weed float out of the opening bar doors. 

Though Denmark has been rated the second happiest country in the world after Finnland, there has apparently been some discontent leading to the creation of Freetown Christiania.

Getting there

Freetown Christiania is located in the Christianshavn area just a 15-20 minutes walk away from the city center. You can also get there by bus metro or bike. Cars are not allowed within the district, so don’t bother driving there. 

 METRO Get off at Christianshavn St and head southeast towards Dronningensgade.

BUS Another way to reach Christianshavn St from the city center is to take the bus 350S from Nørreport St.

Are drugs legal in Christiania?

Yes an no.

Hard drugs are petty much banned, but weed is sold openly on market stands on Pusher Street. Various batches of Hindu Kush, Purple Haze and many more are displayed for everyone to touch, smell and buy. Prices are ridiculously high, but that is what you get as a tourist. One pre-rolled joint was priced between 50 and 100 DKK, which is said to consist 1 gram of weed, but you’ll never know for sure how much they put in.

The quality is good and there is a great variety of different types. You can kind of compare it to Amsterdam – just much more expensive.


Is weed legal in Christiania. No.

Can you buy it there. Yes.

Does the police care? Basically no.


There have been some police raids in Christiania, but since everything is sold openly on Pusher street (The Green Light district) there shouldn’t be a technical problem as long as you’re inside Christiania. Police tends to turn a blind eye on that. Legally, the same laws apply in Christiania as in the rest of Denmark! 

If you plan on buying some do so at your own risk. You can smoke and chill inside Christiania and probably no-one will say anything. 

In Copenhagen not so much, as Marijuana is illegal in Denmark.

Can you take pictures in Christiania?

You can take pictures anywhere in Christiana, but NOT on Pusher Street, where the weed is sold. 

Make sure to ask the locals in case they are on the picture and you’ll be fine. Just be respectful and don’t flash your camera on people’s noses.

The History of Christiania

Christiania is a former military base that has been abandoned for many years. In 1971 a group of hippies, homeless and outcasts entered and began squatting there. During the following years this social experiment developed into a self-contained society that rejects state control. At its core Christiania is still an anarchist community where weed can be smoked without any interference by the police.

Today, more or less 850 people live in Christiania, forming a community with its own rules totally independent of the Danish government.  

Rules in Christiania

When you enter Christiana you are greeting by a sign saying: “Dear friends, There are three rules in the green light district: have fun; don’t run—it causes panic; no photos—buying and selling hash is still illegal.” Adding to that the community does not allow knives, guns, hard drugs, bullet proof vest or stealing. Basically anything that could disturb the peace and promote violence.

And as mentioned before- do not run, hahaha.

Is it safe at night?


It is not only safe, but you will also dive down into a mystical artsy bohemian Wonderland when you walk along the little pathways. Tiny little light bulbs dangle between tree branches and houses and huts and shined upon in purple, orange, blue and green. Make sure to grabe a beer or smoke, bring some friends and hang out there on a bench outside or inside one of the plenty cafes and bars.

Get inspired, have a good time and enjoy the moment.

The future of Christiania

CNN describes Christiania as a “victim of its own success”. As many artsy places, the magic of Christiania has attracted many many visitor until gentrification kicked in. Christiania was “normalized” under Danish law. Christiania being “normalized” in 2013 basically means that the same laws that apply for the rest of Denmark apply to Christiania as well. Before that period Christianities paid some kind of rental fee into a community pot and now land is owned privately. 

It seems to be expensive to be a hippie in these days.

Mass tourism and higher living costs made many of the former residents leave the community. The spirit of rebellion is still alive in Christiania – unfortunately many of the founders are retirees and it is questionable whether this spirit can be maintained or whether it will be washed down by waves of hungry mass tourists.



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