The sun is shining and I am walking along the streets with one of my best friends. My work in Chiang Mai had come to an end. One last dinner before we were to head south to explore some islands. How could that not be a beautiful day.

Well, just ask the panicking crab that was running out of the kitchen …

Wait what?! Did you see that? Hahahaha look! The crab escaped- let’s go and check it out!!

Whilst we were staring at the crab laughing about the odds, a tiny Thai girl was walking towards us.

She was so sweet. Friendly and with a huge smile on her face she was walking towards us.

In our, let’s say improvable, Thai we started to explain to her, that we would take mister crab and save it. Yes. We would take it on our travels and then release it somewhere in the ocean! What a great idea.

The Thai girl smiled and walked away.

Awesome! Traveling with a crab! We would give him a funny name, like Pete or Roger. Pete the Crab. Or something more catchy. Carl Crab. CARL it was!

Hey Carl! You wanna travel with us and then go and swim with some mates soon?

Carl didn’t really understand us. Neither had the Thai girl.

Oh there she was coming back to us with a huge wooden sign in her hands. She was smiling. Oh my god Thai people are so frien…..

W A I T  W H A T!?!?!

NOOOOOO!!!! What was she doing!!


C A A A A A A A A R L !!!!

Damn! This was a nightmare!! WHY?!

Oh my God! Did that just happen? Poor crab!

We ran away as fast as we could!!

Behind us: a cute smiling Thai girl that was running after us with a plastic bag in her hands to bring us Take Away food! Take away Carl!

Carl. Oh Carl!


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