Cancun, located in Carribean Mexico, beautiful to look at on Google, crowded and invaded by after effects of mass tourism: part-time holiday vacationers, who always know best what goes wrong. Cancun is an interesting 90 minutes drive away from Cancun and you’ll find transport at the airport easily. More on the bottom of the article.

Ditch Cancun and head straight to Tulum instead!

And here is why: 


Tulum has some of the most beautiful “cenotes” you might have ever seen! Crystal clear water, refreshingly cold and just a 15 minute bike ride away from the city center.

Get your GoPro out and hang out in the chilly water or dare yourself and jump in with or without the little rope swings. Anyways/ I guarantee you’ll have a great time!

I went to two cenotes locate south of Tulum (You can actually reach them by bike if you ride along the highway for a bit. The locals definitely know! The two cenotes at the pictures above are just opposite each other, cross the street and you’l get straight to the other one.

For a more detailed guide on cenotes in Tulum I found this article online, which helps you track more cenotes down and check out some pictures with names.


Tulum bike ride

Tulum and its quiet chilled out area is perfect for renting a bike and cruising around the city. Bike rentals are found anywhere, get your passport, some cash and you’re set to go. Head to the beach on midday, pack a bag, some water, a little bit of cash and hang out at one of the bars at the Carribean beach sides. 


Wait until the sun goes down, watch the sunset, grab a cocktail and then head home on one of the many bike lanes that lead you back to town. But don’t forget a flashlight as there is no light on the road and it gets spooky dark at night! Well yes… I’m reconsidering my choices of transport without flashlights … so maybe just go to the beach during daylight with a bike and share a cab at night… and spare getting stressed out at night riding home like a maniac!



Chichen itza

No need for Cancun to head to Chichen Itza! You can book a day trip at any hostel or hotel in Tulum that will drive you there in the morning and bring you back in the evening. Normally these tours also include a cave hike with a crystal clear blue cenote inside. I missed out on that one, because I decided to go by car with my beer pong friends of the night before, which was a bit crowded but not less entertaining, hahaha. The ride takes about 2 hours from Tulum. 

chronicles in wonderland

Chichen Itza is about 242MXN, fee for parking is 50MXN extra, but you can park outside and pay nothing. But what is that for a UNESCO World Heritage site and one of the seven world wonders. And believe me you won’t be disappointed!

Chichen itza



The Ceviche in Mexico is just amaaaazing! Make sure to try out that spicy raw fish salad. There might be plenty in Cancun as well, but at least in Tulum you wont be bothered by herds of tourists while eating it.


Mexican skeleton

Hahahaha this one was not quite talkative, but most Mexicans in that area are. I felt welcome as soon s I left the plane and everyone helped me out. Great people! If you haven’t been to Mexico, make sure to check it out soon!


Did I miss out on anything in Tulum? Any reason to stay in Cancun I have missed out on – comment below and let me know!


You can reach Tulum directly from the airport in Cancun. I arrived there, hadn’t planne anything in advance and finally found a collective bus that took me there. I had to wait for about 30 minutes, but this was just enough time to taste a Margarita there.

Taxi is 90 Minutes to Tulum, but costs about 70-90 Dollars. This is the easiest and most expensive option to get there.

The bus is about 15$ depending on when you take the bus. The first one leaves at 11:00AM, the latest at 9:45PM. Bus takes about 2 hours and leaves on a regular base.

I stayed at the hostel “Che Tulum” and can only recommend it. The staff is friendly, there’s a pool and I met a lot of like-minded people I kept hanging out with. Click here if you want to check out the place or watch the video at the beginning of the article to see how it looks like.


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