Travel advice from other backpackers is always good to get when you’re on the road. Not denying that one, but watch out when it comes to hostels…

And here is why:

We sat in the bus on our way to Cambodia. No idea where to sleep yet but we would find something. First we had to get there…

In Thailand you can book any trip in any hostel you’re staying at. Someone knows someone who knows someone. You sign up the night before and in the morning you meet up in front of your hostel, where a stressed out Thai person will quickly lead you to a minivan.

They do not talk much, but they are fast! Damn they are fast! You try to catch up and right before you reach the van they put a sticker on your shirt. They can be blue, pink, green or whatever and they tell them you’re on their tour. I actually think you can get free tours once you master where to buy those stickers. I’m not there yet, but it’s on my list.

Anyways you’re on the bus and those rides are loooooong. And you are freezing to death inside! I still haven’t got it why air conditioning is such a thing. Seriously we are NOT in Antarctica, why pretend so?! What can you do? Nothing but cuddle with your Sarong and hope it will be over soon.

It won’t.

They then drop you somewhere at a restaurant in the middle of nowhere, where some guys, who are definitely not trustworthy, come towards you to collect your passports

“… yeah, just take it… you haven’t even talked to me, I guess I can trust you” … NOT.

But there are no other options. You just have to. And then you wait … 30 minutes … 1 hour …. 1 hour 30 minutes …. 2 hours … still waiting for your passport …

and if you’re lucky they will be back (from wherever the fuck they went) by then, so you can continue towards the Cambodian border.

Once you’re there you have to get in line and guess what… there is a new sticker set waiting for you! They put them on you and you cross the border.

Welcome to Cambodia!

Now what next? You need to sleep somewhere, so you ask around. Spot the Backpackers:

tiny people- huge bags

Where are you going?

“No idea”, they tend to say.

So you join the backpackers and remember that small piece of paper where you wrote down some travel advice from another backpacker you’ve met randomly.

Let’s do this and off you go.

But wait … how do you know this place is as “AAAAAWESOME” as you were told before?

You don’t.

Backpackers (including me) are SO damn happy to give some travel advice to anyone who is keen to ask. So this is what happens:

You went to Cambodia and stayed at ONE hostel. Unless they treated you like shit or robbed you, you will most likely be totally happy at this place! How come? Well, you are traveling and nothing is bothering you! And then this person comes up:

“Hey have you been to Siem Reap?”

“For SUUUUURE!”, you answer. And “yeah , you should definitely stay at this blabla hostel…”

Why? Because it’s the only fucking hostel you have seen!

And there we went: to the only hostel this backpacker dude has probably gone in his whole life. And you sit in the Tuk Tuk wondering why the fuck it takes so damn long to reach it. Yeah probably because it is so fucking far away from the center. But as you already got tired of the endless travels, you just go along looking forward to sleep in a bed and not on a freezing bus seat in Antarctica Wonderland.

And this is when you head straight into misery …

At least we weren’t robbed and we had no noise complaints, because we basically were the ONLY people who went there.

Would we recommend this place again …?

Well, we didn’t get robbed …

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