Street Food … sounds like stomach ache and long bathroom sessions. Yes, there is some truth behind that rumour, though it can also be really fantastic if the setting is right…

Setting 1: You’re home with your family and Oh my Goodness- you know that your mom is just the best cook. You sit down at the table, ready to feast, and then… wait what?! … There is FROG on the plate?! Unless you’re French that doesn’t sound that appealing, huh?!

Setting 2: You’re in Cambodia. The streets smell of spices and you can taste the sweat on your lips.

“A cold beer, please!”

You sit down and look around. Backpackers are walking through the streets in Siem Reap, cans of beer in their hands. Around them lots of kids trying to sell roses. It is 2 am. Dirty streets, happy travellers, sad kids and roses that are not being sold. The air is humid and you are hungry. Restaurants are all over the place and they all look the same. Then you spot this one guy with his rolling barbecue cart. The garlic smells amazing and you take a closer look:


Sounds reasonable. Frog it is today.

If you haven’t tried it yet you might ask how it tastes? Well, it’s hard to describe, because no it’s not chicken and no, it’s not fish either, but well, it kind of is both. It tastes a little bit like chicken with the consistency of fish… yum!

You chew on the frog’s legs and rip the whole thing apart. YUM! There is garlic on it!

One more please!

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