Travels have started again! After two months in my old childhood room (which my mom had redecorated with linen (!) paintings of myself 😆❤️), I decided to leave the Lost daughter Shrine behind and start to travel again. Thailand it was to be for a little.

Air Asia

For how long? Between a month and five somewhere around Asia, I figured. 

My first stop took me to my old friend Fabienne, who I’ve known for over twenty years now. She lives in Ranong with her boyfriend and runs a bar there.

It was nice to catch up with a few beers and talk all night about basically everything. A funny friend of her, who owned an ridiculously rusty pick-up truck 😉 with holes in the floor, joined in on the weekend.

We rode on the back of it along the highway and hoped with every bump not to fall down on the street. (Note to self: TRAVEL INSURANCE!!!!)


After some grocery shopping it was time to help Loon’s Dad to cut vegetables and peel off chili.

The cutting part was fun as we talked the whole time. 

Chili Thailand

The Chilis got roasted on the grill and it was on us now to peel the skin off. What a job!! My fingers were burning and I felt like this would take ages to finish. Luckily ist was three of us and we shared the work. At some point a developed a “roll between the fingers, squeeze a bit and then peel” technique which made my work faster. 

After about 4 hours we were done with everything and the cooking began.

Check out the video below and value our dedication, hahahaha.

The food was amazing in Ranong and I got addicted to Jackfruit Salad, which was spicy af, but definitely worth the pain, hahaha. I guess I’ve eaten over 15 of these! 

The days went by way too fast and my friend left to Germany. It was time for me to move. I had gotten used to staying somewhere and was not motivated to travel much. But I couldn’t head home just yet after a week. 

The Motorcycle taxi was waiting and drove me to the bus station for about 50 Baht. A rusty bus with neon fonts was waiting at the Terminal and drove to Krabi for just 210 Baht (which is less than 6 Euros). The ride was about 7 hours and I slept all the way through until I was woken up by some terribly loud Thai music. 

“Can I use the bathroom in the bus? BATHROOM? Bathroom open? Toilet? TOILET YES?”

  • No. No toilet!


When we got to Krabi I was the first to leave the bus, order some food at the street vendor’s place (damn yes it can get even spicier) and asked myself how the toilets in a Hilton would look like. Funny it they were the same:

Toilet thailand

Perfect- no running water to wash the hands- food was ready. 

Well … what doesn’t kill you …

(Note to self: BUY SANITIZER)

“Taxi taxi?” The food lady shouted at me.

“How much to the pier?” I asked. 

“350 Baht”

What, hahahaha I can take a Songtao for 60 to drive me there, I said. We both laughed. She knew her price was shitty. We waved each other goodbye and I made my way to one of these Songtaos (do not ask me how to write them, I’m pretty sure it’s not this! Hahaha)

Well, those tiny busses run in circles and are open in the back- no doors. When they’re full, people drive along in the back (outside) and hold on to the iron bars. I’ve done it before. It’s alright and the wind is nice.

There are two piers to reach Railay Beach. Ao Namao and Ao Nang. Both take you to Railay beach by boat for around 100 Baht. The ride is about 20 minutes. When you hate boats it’s 20 minutes too long, but what can you do…

Boat railay

I went from Ao Nang and arrived at the west side of Railay. This one is packed with tourists. From there you can walk over to the other side in about 7-10 Minutes. The heat was burning. 

Railay beach

Why were there so many tourists. Damn it was high season and I did not enjoy it. Do i want people around? I didn’t know… 

When I arrived at my hostel (Hideout Railay) I stood in front of a wall (!) of stairs. Gosh the hostel was up on a hill and these stairs.. damn these stairs looked evil.

They were. 

Once I finally made my way up there I checke into a 10 people dorm. It was the cheapest option and cost me around 11 Euros per night. Sounded about right. 

I have to say it was the quietest dorm I had ever been. 

There was a pool on a deck which overlooked the ocean. This was nice!

I sat down on some cushions and started drawing.


That’s what I like about hostels: you sit somewhere and people come over and start talking. I didn’t have to initiate anything and was suddenly surrounded by nice people. We talked and laughed a lot and one nice girls convinced me to join the Muay Thai fight. I went to the bar, heard “FREE SHOTS – FREEEEE SHOOOOOOTS” and a dude with a muscle shirt poured some shots in people’s mouths. 

Well… I kind of think I am a little bit too old for…



We got some beers and went to watch the fight. I love fights! It always reminds me of my grandpa and my uncle watching Bud Spencer and Terrence Hill, when I was really young.

Everyone from the hostel was there and we had a great night out. Someone once told me: “People are walking hearts”. I mean it does sound cheesy, but if you look at most people that way, even the muscle shirt shots dude then had a deep soul behind his tattoos and loud voice. 

But hey, the fight was fun and if you want to see who won, check out the video below:

The next day was not so much fun, as I figured that I might actually be a little bit too old for that many shots and was rewarded with a massive headache fo that realization.

“10 am in front of our hotel!”

Oh no. Oh no no no. I agreed to hike with some guys from Germany the night before. 

They were actually collecting “country points” in an app to travel to different countries to then watch a local football game there. They had 42 or something and some pretty useful travel advice! (Fo example: always click on “business trip when booking through and the rooms will be nicer”)

Before we could go hiking my shoes needed fixing. I had tried to buy soles for the past few days, but couldn’t find any anywhere! My mom had washed my shoes before and I had forgotten to put the soles back in. What could I do?

Suddenly I had a Mac Gyver moment and decided to buy some peeing pads or period pads (couln’t read the Thai) and use these as soles instead. And HA! it worked so well and I walked on clouds hahahaha.

Period pads thailand

Ooooh and look at the monkeys!!!!

Monkey thailand

Anyways we went hiking towards “Railay Viewpoint”

Up a hill. And it was not a hike. It was a climb. 

On the left you can see the starting point.

Railay viewpoint

I had researched the hike on TripAdvisor and people were freaking out about how difficult it is to reach Railays “Viewpoint”.

Well I was a bit concerned, but in the end it was just alright.

Don’t trust the internet 😉

Railay viewpoint
Railay viewpoint
Railay viewpoint
Railay viewpoint hike
Railay viewpoint thailand
Drone railay

It’s forbidden to fly a done on Railay, but as the signs were down by the beach, I guessed it would be aright to steer it up from the forest on the hill 😉

Imagine you have a drone and fly it up on this ground.

Imagine the dust.

Imagine having climbed up there.

Imagine a lot of sweat on your face.

And then imagine the drone set off 🤔 

I look like an orange Oompa Loompa.

The day after was laundry and pool day. I basically did nothing except for some video edits and some swims in the pool. I talked to a lot of people, but besides that I felt like it was time for something new.

Where next?

I thought about booking a detox retreat, do sports and get in shape, but the prices are ridiculously high (starting at 600 Euros for 5 days). Pffff, I mean who pays money for not eating? 

I could do that on my own. So this is why I booked myself into a four star hotel with a pool a and a gym. I’ll save money on food, just eat raw and healthy and work out in the gym for the next 5 days starting tomorrow.

And then I’ll probably make my way down to Malaysia soon. 

Let me know in the comments if you know any place south of Krabi I should not miss out on 🙂


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