Off to Koh Phi Phi, an island where you can walk from one side to the other side in less than 5 minutes. It’s bigger than it sounds, but is also kind of narrow. In the middle you find yourself in tourist trap wonderland: t-shirts, bars, sand and whiskey buckets. It’s backpackers’ paradise and the only reason you go there is to get drunk, enjoy some electronic music and watch people dance with fire. Only a cut off few palm trees and some warning signs remind you of the tsunami, that hit that part some years earlier.

We got there from Koh Lanta by boat and yeah, guess what… apart from those bastard boats shaking like hell, this one even had a broken motor that was smoking.

Surrounded by dark black clouds our boat made it somehow on shore in koh phi phi and we pushed our way through backpackers with beer bottles in their hands. The water was light-blue and the sand so white I could barely see anything without sunglasses. Wow! This place is THE postcard!!

But who had booked the hostel right up the hill? Aaaargh- not me! After some endless stairs we found our new to be home for the next four days and decided to celebrate that with some beers aswell. But first we needed pizza. Unlike the North of Thailand, which you can actually call Thailand, the South consists of thousands party islands with a lot of European food. At least they try to make it taste European. But I am not going to complain- Thai people have some of the best beaches in the world, who cares if they can cook “our” food. I would actually be really disappointed if I found a menu without any spelling mistakes. Anyways, we ordered some “PIAZA” and I got a salad with mayonnaise. Hmm…. yeah this tasted as it sounds AND it was warm … I am not complaining 😉

After the food we went to “Stones Bar”, where we got Whiskey buckets with some straws and watched a fire show at the beach. The show in that bar on Koh Phi Phi was amazing and so was the music: Good electronic music with some hard bass. After the show the stage, a huge square of concrete that was covered with sand, turned into a dance floor, which we occupied until early morning.

Sweaty and happy we somehow got back home, the picture of warm mayonnaise was suddenly popping back up in my head … well, this couldn’t be too bad, right?

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