I’m sitting in my flat. The last time.

moving out

Will be moving out tomorrow, work for another 1,5 weeks and then wait for my mom to come and travel with me to Ilha Grande and Rio. I’m excited. And sad. 

Both at the same time. Feels weird, haha 😀


My flat looks empty and it doesn’t feel like home anymore.

I gave away my furniture and everything I didn’t want to pack to my cleaning lady. 

She was so so happy. Today she even came by to say thank you and help me be a bit more organised, haha.

I love her and I’ll miss her.


And all of my friends here, and I am so excited to go somewhere new at the same time.


I’ll be back in Germany beginning of January, stay for a bit and then travel somewhere in Malaysia or the Philippines. I’ll see where the cheapest flight will take me.


And then (and I’m looking forward to that) I’ll be free.

Free to travel.

A little bit freer from homesickness.

To then come back later next year and find a place a little closer to home, where I want to stay a bit longer.

And in the meantime try to live my life without any expectations, trusting it will take me somewhere great.


Don’t make too many plans in January in Germany because I want to see all of you again! 😄

By the way I just realised that my cat doesn’t fit into any suitcase anymore and that I will look like a weirdo in every single plane!


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