Paragliding in Rio de Janeiro was one of the best experiences I have had so far. You pass mountains and glide though the air and can see birds beneath you. Everything is calm and you enjoy a one of a kind breathtaking view all over Rio. I loved it.I did it last year for the first time, but unfortunately the GoPro of my paragliding instructor did not work and I had forgotten the case of mine at home. It wasn’t that big of a deal for me, but Daniel, my instructor was so nice to offer me a second free flight when I came back.

And of course I came back! Ready to run off that mountain cliff again and fly up in the air!

Sounds pretty adventurous, huh? It actually was, but only in my head…

The first time I‘ve tried it one year ago, I absolutely froze in pure horror. I mean you are told before, that you have to run towards that cliff and you do know that this is important to get more of an up wind, but when I actually had to do it, the only thing I could hear was my instructor behind me shouting “RUUUUN” … and me acting dead.

I mean just look at that steep cliff…. would you run towards it fast? (And yes it is THAT steep!!!)


Well last year I did not move at all and my feet definitely did NOT want to run off that cliff. Fortunately is worked, though my body refused to and the minute I was flying above Rio, my heart started beating again…

This time – this year- I was damn motivated to RUN! I would run as if it was the last thing I did. I would be Forrest Gump flying over that damn steep lawn….

I would run like ….

I did not.

I was so damn scared, I (again) was hiding my tears trying not to panic. I mean you KNOW nothing will happen. You KNOW everything is going to be fine, but you kind of know as well how much you hate heights. How much it freaks you out…

But in the end this is what kind of makes you feel something, right?

Isn’t this what makes you come alive? The second you face your fear and just do it?

Is it?

Hell yeah – you are rewarded with a view that is breath-taking whilst your feet tangle up in the air.

I can highly recommend paragliding in Rio de Janeiro and flying with Daniel and his company Rio Tandem. He is an experienced paraglider, fun to hang out with and fluent in English.

He’ll make sure you (kind of) run over that damn cliff and brings you back down safe – even if you act like a weirdo before Take-off 😉

Plus, if you don’t own a GoPro, he provides one and you’ll end up with lots of pictures plus a nice video of your flight

….in my case… a documentation of how I almost wet my pants!)


“The total value of the Paragliding in Rio flight is R$550 payment with Visa, MasterCard, or PayPal. We can offer a discount for payment in cash BRL, the price with this discount is R$500. 

The hang gliding flight costs R$600(card), R$550 (cash discount).

The Paragliding and Hang Gliding tandem flights include: 

-Your flight with one of our CBVL certified instructors.

-Insurance and registration fee at the local free flight club. (minimum age: 16)

-Transport from the club in São Conrado beach up to the take-off at Pedra Bonita.

-Filming and photo shoot with GoPro HD camera. (+1 extra camera, optional, Gopro or VR360º: R$100)” (source:


Here's his phone number if you want to arrange a flight: +5521999616898

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