YAY! A road trip! I LOVE those! Though this one was a bit fancier than normal: We had a driver. His name was Agung, he lived close to us in Ubud and didn’t talk much, but he nodded. So every time he did that, I pictured him saying “Yes great! Awesome” and this is how we got along.

Our first stop took us to a mountain that overlooked the “Tamblingan Lake” and the “Buyan Lake”. Huge bats and snakes were carried around by some guys who wanted money for a picture. And when I say huge bats I mean 2 massive meter bats! Seriously, they scared the shit out of me! I was pretty sure those guys had captured Batman himself. I did not take a picture because the animals had all been drugged and sat there staring into emptiness.

Hoping that Batman would get his revenge one day, we drove on to visit the most beautiful waterfall I had ever seen in my life: Air Terjun Munduk. We had to pay a small entry fee at a wooden cabin near the pathway and made our way through the rainforest. The trails were small, the trees huge. Butterflies and Birds were surrounding us as we walked along towards the noise of water that was falling down a steep hill.

Suddenly we came across some small stairs flooded by water. I took my shoes off and looked up at an incredibly beautiful waterfall of about 25-30 meters height. Approaching this falling river I could feel a humid breeze in my face. The waterfall crashed down on flat rocks and created a shallow layer of water you could easily walk though. Which I did barefoot, because I had lost my flip-flops somewhere. I had imagined the small stones to be a bit more comfortable, but nope … not complaining about this one here haha.


After I had successfully found my shoes again, we went back to the car and headed straight to a coffee plantation. An old woman, whose face looked like a squeezed in anti-stress ball, was roasting coffee beans in a pan.

Coffee!! YES! Please!

I needed one, but then… wait what! Those animals in the cages over there… Did I just hear them say they were fed coffee beans? Why would they … “They shit them out after and then the coffee is ….” Eeeeew! Why?!

This is terrible, I thought. I looked inside the cage and saw a poor (not so little) Luwak sitting on a wooden plank. A warm bowl of old water and a plank inside. No trees, nothing to climb on … just the plank and the coffee beans- caged up in its caffeine misery. In this case I liked to believe in reincarnation and pictured the boss of the coffee plantation being in exactly this cage in his next life. The thought that this Luwak right in front of me could actually be the reborn previous owner soothed my mind and I strolled along.

The coffee made out of Luwak poo is not only considered one of the best, but also one of the most expensive ones in the world. I smelled the beans and had to admit that this could be true. But trust me, once you see how it is made you do not really want to sip on that dark brown drink.

In the evening, we finally reached Lovina, went out to get some fancy jungle dinner, all wrapped up in banana leafs, and went to bed early.  The next morning started at 5.30am and we did not want to miss out on our next adventure.

5:30am A full moon above Bali’s north coast in Lovina. A fresh sea breeze and my tired eyes half-open. A life jacket was pulled over my head and I climbed into a boat that looked like a slim spider.

We passed some tiny floating islands that were made out of bamboo stick and shipped out further towards the horizon. We were looking for dolphins who like to jump out of the water when the sun rises above Lovina. And then it happened!

Our captain shouted out and pointed towards the sea, forcing us to wake up from our sleeping lethargy. He steered the boat into the direction he had pointed at before and all of the other 8-10 boats followed. Dolphins! 1, 2, 3 …. 7 … wow! Two were jumping out of the water! And there they went… back into the depths of the water. I heard another captain shout out loudly and again.. all the boats followed. This was funny in a weird way until I decided to jump into the water. Having seen too many movies of people who swim with dolphins I would have loved to do so, too. Yeah, I know … Yeah I was tired and yes, … my brain was not yet working at 5 am … but, hope dies last! As we say back in Germany.

So here I was floating in the middle of the water seeing the other boats chase after the dolphins that were not with me.

Come on guys! Swim with the human! Flipper? Are you there? No one…?

Alright. I looked at the boat- right into the eyes of a girl who had told me that the was a photographer. Her disappointed face made me realise that I should probably go back into the boat right on. I somehow managed to crawl back (you do not want to know how this looked like) and we went on chasing the dolphins with the others whilst I kept telling myself that I would never see this girl again.

The sun was up and as we walked back to the hotel in Lovina we saw some tired people walking towards breakfast and I thought “yeah look at you! What have YOU done today!”

I fell asleep on the bed right after- my head squeezed into the cushions, ready to sleep into starvation. Gooooood that I will not see the photographer girl again in my life, I thought with a slightly bad conscience as my eyes closed. I did not yet know how wrong I was to be.

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