Trat is boring, there is nothing to do, there are barely any hostels and it doesn’t have a nice beach. Still everyone miraculously gets stuck there!

How come?

After our spontaneous boat ride with Mister Hilton that had us kind of stranded in Koh Chang, we figured we had done nothing for way too long. It was time for Cambodia, but first we had to get off the island. And yes, we needed a boat. And yes the boat was waving and argh I hated it, but I guess islands just come with them.

To reach Cambodia you need to go to Trat, a small province in eastern Thailand, from which you can access Cambodia easily. Starting on Koh Chang you can plan in a day of traveling: Bus- Boat- Bus. There is not much to do than stare out of the window and eat. As reading is no option for me in a shaking car and would most likely result in me puking somewhere where I wasn’t supposed to puke, I figured staring out of the window was the better option. At least I could record the landscape, but … wait what…?!

Right! I had broken my camera.

If you do not know yet: I am the camera jinx. Hand me a nice camera and I will most likely drop it or leave it somewhere. I “left” my first one earlier in Chiang Mai, where the “President Bar” had offered a free unlimited beer refill… Don’t judge me! I am German and there was NO way out of it. The second one kind of slipped out of my fingers and landed in the sand right in front of me. Not too bad actually, but then it all of a sudden decided to open the lens and scratch all the sand in. Noooo!!! I can still hear that dying sound my camera made while it was judging my clumsiness.

Yeah, well. I did not have a camera and the only thing I could do was STARE out of the window. I looked at my watch: still half a day to go. Three hours later I looked at my watch again and realised that only 5 minutes had been passed so far. Aaaargh. This was terrible!

Later on we finally reached Trat and took a cab to the nearest shopping mall to get a new camera. Unfortunately this one had fish eye mode included, which cost us a LOT of time…

Hahahahahaha. Don’t kill me Fabienne 😉

We actually missed our bus ride to Cambodia and got stuck in Trat. No-one really wants to be here, but once you arrive, there is only one tiny little time window to leave this place. You miss it- you stay!



More time for fish eye pictures, more time for the market and more time for passport pictures for the Cambodian Visa. Oh well, the last one was actually kind of important…

Have you ever had passport pictures done in Thailand? It is RIDICULOUS!

First you have to find a place to do that in Trat, which is not that easy, as Trat is kind of big, but has nothing that is close. Nothing is ever close! Oh Trat. So we walked. And walked. And we walked more. And we walked even more and then finally we found some police dudes. They can be really helpful sometimes. Not in Trat though….

My friend who was with me is very tall and blonde. VERY tall and blonde. The police in Trat looks kind of the opposite: They are small or let’s say they are tiny. They are so tiny you can barely see them. I’m exaggerating, but my point is: Did we smile when we saw them? Yes, I have to admit, we did a little. But guess what they did: They laughed at us!!! Hahahaha they laughed so hard I swear one of them was crying. And he was taking pictures of my friend and I laughed too, I couldn’t stop. Did they help us find a place to make passport pictures- not really.

But WE did and it got even weirder…

“We need pictures for our passports!”

– Siiiit doooooooown. Noooo proooooblem. I maaaaaake beauuuutifull.

Alright. I trust you little Trat lady. I mean we just need some pictures, what can possibly go wrong here.

I tell you what went wong. The whitening Filter went wrong!! Just look at those pictures!!! Hahahahaha. They whitened our faces and made us look like Michael Jackson with his tiny plastic nose.


I had loved my freckles!! Now they are gone. Thank you little Trat lady- you just erased all the hard work I had put in to get a proper sun tan. Can you imagine how long it takes…

“This,” she said pointing at the freckles in my face. “Not good”.


In my face! … and thanks for not editing my neck. You might have thought this sunburned reddish matches the white transparent face you’ve created… or … you are just EVIL! Thai people actually always seem to be so friendly, it’s impossible to tell that they are not! I strongly believe every happy tiny smiling Thai girl has a dark side in them. A very dark side. This might be the secret for the success of Thai massages. You do not expect anything bad to happen from those sweet massage ladies and all of a sudden the pain comes and you think: How could this little Thai girl possibly …

Anyways! We got the picture and were ready to head to Cambodia. Frogs roasted in garlic, temples and a pub street coming up in my next posts.

Thanks for reading by the way!

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