Bananas! Packed with nutrients, rich in potassium and magnesium, they are considered one of the healthiest fruits and I DO HATE THEM.
Oh MYYY … back in Bali just the mere thought made me shiver in disgust and here is why:

NUSA LEMBONGAN. A beautiful small island located southeast of Bali. It is part of a group of three islands, called the Nusa Penida district. The locals are funny as shit and reckless as hell. Just get on the back of a scooter “taxi” and watch yourself screaming while you ride downhill and the driver realizes that the brakes don’t work, but that’s a different story, haha.

Back to the bananas. I’ve always eaten them and always loved them since that ONE day I was so close to them I could barely breathe.

It was one of the worst mornings in my life. The night before we had been celebrating our last day on the island with heaps of beers and shots and this is how I woke up: With a pounding headache, that reminded me of yesterday`s sins, barely able to walk and craving for some fresh coconut water. I looked in the mirror and quickly realised that this was not the best idea, but  pushed away the realisation of me having turned into a zombie  and grabbed my backpack to head to the boat that was taking us back to the mainland.

The upcoming black clouds didn’t worry me that much as I was too concerned not to lose my flip-flops in the sand while stumbling towards the peer. We got into the boat- a very small one with six crab like arms sticking out it, floating on the water to keep it stable and prevent it from sinking. Good Lord, less did I know how much we would be needing those…

Our backpacks were thrown into back of the boat- all piled up above a small puddle that was slowly slopping forth and back on the ground.

Yeah, soak it in water, that’s alright!

Wooden planks formed the seats where we were squeezed together like hens on a stick. It was around 35 °C and the humid air stood still in a  boat packed with locals carrying tons (!!) of bananas.

Bananas- everywhere! Feet- everywhere. You know where this is going …

The guy with dreads, who told us he had eaten too many mushrooms, knew, too. He looked like he was dying and I could feel him. The heat was unbearable and the smell of bananas and sweaty feet did not help at all. At least there was a bit of wind, but then …

…Wait what?!

They started to cover the windows with plastic tarps. Great. Now the stinky boat is shaking AND you can’t see shit.

“Storm!! Storm coming!!”,I heard them shout.

And just a few seconds later l could hear the massive rain showers pouring down on our boat, creeping through the tarps. The puddle was slowly filling up- the boat shaking faster and faster. Everything was moving, the boat as well as the remaining alcohol in my stomach.

I turned around towards the captain trying to breathe in at least a little bit of some fresh air that was not filled with the smell of old bananas, sweat and stinky feet and was secretly cursing the dying mushroom guy for not showering on his last day on earth.

I was on the verge of throwing up and looked around to check out the level of embarrassment I was about to face:

  1. My travel mates (wouldn’t be too nice, but they would still stick around)

  2. The mushroom guy (he was dying – he wouldn’t remember)

  3. The locals (they would have seen some tourists do that before)

  4. Cute guy in the corner (… DAMN it!!)

So I did what I had to do: Walk out on the deck trying to hold on to everything I could find on my way: Boxes, the head of a woman, the door frame … and made it out.

Pouring rain came down on me, but YES I could breathe!!!

Fresh rainy air … FINALLY!

A moving boat  … I had forgotten about that ….

Having survived half an hour inside the boat I had one hour more to face outside.

“Focus on the horizon!!” they shouted.

I KNOW but even that is moving- I want to die!!

But dying would mean meeting someone I’d rather not meet again today, so I got my shit together and suffered in silence.



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