I went to Bali, won a trip to Thailand, woke up in hospital, had lost the past 3-4 months of my memory and was sitting at the airport again. With me one of my best friends, who happened to travel to Bangkok aswell. She’s one of the coolest people I know and I was happy to have a second brain around me, haha. We had gotten up early in the morning and had quickly booked our ticket from Bangkok to Chiang Mai- our eyes half-open. We had two hours to check out in Bangkok, change the terminal and check the luggage back in. Well … apparently on that day none of our brains had worked properly.

At that the airport we were still holding up that hangover optimism, that everything would somehow work out. Our first layover was in Muscat. 42°C at 6am in the morning. The landscape consisted of sand with sand and a little bit of sand. The airport was a frozen hole of hell. I have no idea how we could manage to fall asleep but at one point I woke up with my mouth half-open (Yeah it probably looked as it reads) and saw my friend sleeping on the chair right next to me. Twenty minutes later we sat in the second plane to Bangkok, tired and bored and unable to talk much. The only thing we agreed on was the mere fact that we would not catch our second plane, but we were too tired to worry. On a screen in front of us, a come women in a headscarf taught us how to adjust the oxygen masks whilst we slowly fell back asleep …

The plane was approaching BKK airport and challenge mode got activated. We had been sleeping so much, we were ready to run! And so we did: Down to the luggage band, impatiently dribbling with our feet until we saw our backpacks, then back up again towards the other terminal to check in …. Daaamn that way was long! I hadn’t done sports for a long time and now I was running like crazy- half laughing, half complaining.

Our flight was about to leave in 25 minutes and we were still running, …. then the check-in counter!! We made it!!! HA! They even checked in our baggage. Off to Chiang Mai, but first a small nap in the plane …

Thailand was weird in a beautiful way. It smelled of flowers and spices, dogs were running around and TukTuks were rolling over the streets. I LOVED those TukTuks. Small undersized men with stick-like legs were driving a device that looked like a moped with a built-around house and a tiny coloured roof. Besides those TukTuks there were also busses called Songthaew. You just hop on and off, sit on the wooden benches in the back, hold onto the iron bars outside or climb onto the roof. No one really cares.

On the markets it is you then who is then not supposed to care. Yellow squids on sticks or roasted grasshoppers- whatever you prefer to snack on. And yes I like to call them grasshoppers instead of cockroaches. Though I have to admit they do taste more like you would imagine cockroaches to taste, which is old nuts! They taste like old peanuts. Nope not the good ones – the old ones. And their feet keep sticking between your teeth if you don’t remove them before.


But, enough talking about insect feet in the mouth, tomorrow was an important day! I would meet the other volunteers, move in a house near Doi Saket and start to teach small children and not so small monks. I had no idea how this would be like, but had gotten used to that feeling during the past few weeks without a proper memory. “Yes, this is going to be great!,” I thought whilst pulling out a tiny leg between my teeth.

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