Using bathrooms in Indonesia is quite an experience I have to admit. Especially without toilet paper. And here we go…

After 10 hours of sitting in the plane, eating too much weird food and watching series …and my failed attempts to beat that damn chess computer, I finally made it to Kuala Lumpur. My first stop before Denpasar. Well, having to hang out at the airport, I have to admit that it was not quite that interesting, but Oh! Wait! There was a tropical rainforest inside the airport!! Hahaha. Picture that! Surrounded by glass with a door that leads you into the world of a tropical rainforest…

Went in. Too hot. Too humid. Went out.

“Have you ever been to Kuala Lumpur?” – “Sure! I went to the rainforest there… *coughs* … Awesome.”

After this amazing expedition I arrived in Bali, where I got picked up by my driver Agung who then brought me to my new home: A wooden hut in the middle of Ubud. Sitting on the terrace you could see a small fountain with a meditating elephant on top. Behind that a small temple. Everything was covered in palm trees, chicken were running around the property and Balinese women were busy weaving the leaves of palm trees.

At that time I was working for a volunteer organisation called Travel-To-Teach, where you could teach English to local children. You paid some amount of money that went to those social projects. In return you received Indonesian language and cooking classes as well as a free accommodation.

Blocking out the burning heat, the work was not making me sweat much: 3 hours per day- Friday, Saturday, Sunday off. Guess I could live with that haha.

When I reached my new home, Nathan, who worked for that organisation, introduced himself and off we went on a scooter to get me a proper SIM card. I guessed I could sleep when I die. SIM card is around 3€ – I was too tired to be excited about my newest realisation of being really really rich here. But then there  was this amazing smell of fresh food, which made me wake up instantly. I had no idea what it was, but it was wrapped in palm leaves, tasted chickenish and only cost 70 cents (around 7000 Rupiah at that time). After eating I got to know the other volunteers: some Dutch girls who also slept in the bunk beds in my room. They looked nice. Everybody was talking and laughing. I was happy. Homesick? Me? Hahaha no way! I am the female version of Indiana Jones who can travel anywhere!! With a big smile on my face I went to the bathroom and then … NO Wait What? That sign on the wall!

Do NOT flush the toilet paper!

Oh no…, please no… What’s that bag besides the toilet. Eeeew … I wanted to die.

While writing this blog entry I actually just googled how to write “dilemma”. Is it dilema, dillemma, dile… no idea. As a German native I might be pardoned 😉 haha. Anyways… this came up on google:

di·lem·ma  /dilemə/

a situation in which a difficult choice has to be made between two or more alternatives, especially equally undesirable ones.

EXACTLY!! I do not want to go that much into detail, but less did I know that people in Indonesia generally do not use toilet paper at all.

Gross- right? But, wait for it- it gets worse … this is also why they would never use their left hand to shake hands or touch anyone…

think about it …

think more about it …

EEEW, yeah! I know!

So the two equally undesirable options of the toilet paper that can’t be flushed were to 1) throw it in the plastic bag right next to me (But oh wait! We are in Bali and it is HOT as fuck! Damn yes… not going to go into details here)  or 2) use the butt shower!

Hahaha, yes you heard right. There is actually a little shower head right behind the toilet that is used for … well  … you know ….


Welcome to the country without toilet paper.



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