Do you want to get some insights about the best beaches in Brazil? Then come join my 4 Day Road Trip around the northeast of Brazil, where I put together some drone footage of the nicest beaches on the way.



After we got our car in Maceió we made our way to a churrascaria. Those places are pretty popular in Brazil, because you can basically eat meat until you die! Seriously there is so much “all you can eat” meat, it starts to be gross at some point! They mostly offer huge salad buffets as well and whilst I was chewing on my greens, every two or three minutes (I am not kidding) a different waiter came to the table to serve us more meat. Chicken hearts? Pork or beef on a stick? That’s Brazil- they’re obsessed with meat and their cow titty juice. Hahaha.

After the food we went on to Praia Ipioca and I saw one of the nicest sunsets I’ve seen to far. My eyes wandered from camera to the setting sun, back to the camera, back to the sun. Daaaamn that one was nice!

Couldn’t believe how awesome that one was. We had driven to that beach with our rental car (Be gentle- it’s a rental … did not really work out with the bumps on the road) and had parked it somewhere along the road. I took my drone to get some recordings and by the time the sun set I was rewarded with some epic pictures of a “what the … seriously?! Daaaaamn-” like sunset.

Brazil is so beautiful – especially here up north it is even nicer than I had imagined!

Can’t leave out my favourite dirty shoes here…

After the beach we went on to find our Pousada (some kind of rental place that is located in a family’s home). Walking through crowded roads with several carnival party people, we soon found out our reservation had not taken place … or some Brazilians hadn’t read their emails- who knows. But that place was so dodgy, we were kind of happy we couldn’t stay.

We found another one right next to the beach, where I am sitting with a cold at the moment.

I am so sick right now! I was trying to drink away the pain with some dodgy street Caipirinha made in a mixer earlier today. And though it had tasted surprisingly nice, it -not surprisingly – hadn’t helped kill those bacteria in my throat. But as I am in a really nice place right now I have no right to complain about that, hahahah.

The next day we left our nice pousada to drive to another beach called Praia São Miguel dos Milagres.


The water was clear, the Caipirinha was cold and I have no idea why I forgot to put sunlotion on my belly! Seriously I put it everywhere but this part just seemed to have slipped through! Anyways the sunburn beach was pretty amazing and the sand inside the water felt like heaven between your toes.

After some irresponsible sunbathing (well there was not much shade to be found anyways), we had lunch, which arrived about an hour later and we happily filled out hAngry stomachs. After this we continued our road trip up north towards Maragogi. At one point we had to take a ferry for 15 Reals, which shipped us across a river.

On our scenic ride along the beach we passed crystal clear water and a lot of palm trees. Just watching that from the back of the car was nice enough.

At one point we stopped at a beach to use a bathroom and It just looked perfect. I would have loved to stay, but the plan was to reach Maragogi, so we continued on the road. I have to admit I wouldn’t have planned anything if I had done that road trip on my own. I would have just cruised along and found places to stay and places to sleep somewhere, but since that one had not been my idea in the first place (and it was carnival season), I rode along and enjoyed the view- happy to be part of it. Anyways I geotagged the location- just in case.

On our way further down the road up north, we had to stop several times to let some massively drunk people pass the road. There were a lot of bloquinos going on: huge trucks with music and drunk people dancing to the bass.

Carnival. Nice to be part of. Pretty shitty when you’re stuck in the car haha.

After some food we, again, waited for over an hour (ah Brazil!) for our food and then pretty much fell asleep at 10pm.


The next morning was covered in rain rain rain… too many clouds to enjoy the beach here, so we just waited in our hostel for a bit longer to then head back to another beach at 1pm. Stephan, one of my colleagues, had actually geotagged that location, we had stopped the previous day, aswell, and there we were heading again! Nice one. Not a lot of people and a beautiful beach to stare at. Bitingui Praia is the secret spot I can highly recommend to you. (09°06′59.34″S 35°16′10.74″W)

We got a table and some chairs at the beach and I flew my drone along the coast. Got some pretty nice shots there and talked a bit about Germany with the owner, whose wife was from Munich.

Some caipirinhas later we went back to Maragogi to have some dinner and get to bed early, so we would be ready for a boat cruise the next morning. At the moment I have three colours and turned into a vampire with a body that screams SHAAADE as soon as I enter sunlight.


The boat cruise was heading to „Piscinas Naturais“ some natural pools somewhere in the ocean, about half an hour boat ride away from the coast. A natural reef has accumulated a sand bank in between, where you could snorkel and see some colored fish swarming around you.

As nice as this sounded, we had not made it there … yet. The boat was supposed to leave at 8.30am and cost us 100 Reals (including the 20RS snorkeling gear) we paid at our hostel. At 6.50 we were woken up by a girl from the hostel who told us we had 20 minutes to get to the boat.

Ah fuck that!

Brazilian time management… I am pretty sure it is as effective as a remote control under water.

Anyways, we ended up rushing towards the pier with that girl from the hostel who then decided there is still enough time to buy some fucking bread in a queue that was way too long. By the time we reached the pier, there was no boat for us and we ended up waiting there until 8.30. (Daaaaaamn, you – fuck that…seriously! …)

Big middle fingers for Hostel Tropicana here (actually picture two fingers waving up and down here). The boat arrived and we waded belly deep through the water to get on it. The ride was slow and smooth and thirty minutes later we found ourselves paddling through the ponds with our snorkeling gear and around 70 other Brazilians. Funny thing is that a lot of Brazilian people can’t swim and had to wear life vests. If I hadn’t known what this place was I would have been pretty sure, some plane had just crashed into the water spitting out 70 people in life jackets.

I snorkeled my way though clumsy Brazilian water people, who happily shot selfies whilst stepping on the corals.

None of them was diving down with their snorkel gear and I have to admit, there was a moment I considered pinching some feet with a small stick, whenever they stood on the corals. I probably would have gotten away with it.

After thirty minutes of getting another minor sunburn on the back of my legs, I made my way back to the boat. 30€ were quite expensive for some boring fish underwater, I figured.

We grabbed some food at the only healthy place in Maragogi and headed to Tamarandé, our last stop on the road trip.

On the way we went to a drop-dead beautiful beach, I wished I could have stayed days longer. It’s name was Praia dos Carneiros.


When you’re on the road there are fences all over the street. Once you enter a parking lot, you are charged around 30-40 Reals to park somewhere, but you can drive on. If you pass the signs to head to the church on your left, you can finally drive into a small road on your left. There’s a black sign talking about Condominios. Just park somewhere on the road and walk the small pathway towards the beach and pay nothing. This is the sign you walk past towards the beach:

It says “access restricted”, but you don’t care!

We waded through the water, the sand went down quite deep and the waves were awesome. We found a nice restaurant to hang out at, we ate some overpriced food and I let my drone fly around the palm trees. I’m getting better at this – ha!

Too soon we had to leave again to reach our hostel in Tamrandé.

The hostel there was a lot nicer than the one before, the beach very crowded. There was a carnival party happening on the streets. The music was so loud, our door vibrated from the bass. The people in the hostel were one of the friendliest I’ve met in Brazil so far. Make sure to stay at Hostel 81 when you’re in Tamarandé.


I’m happy my colleagues took me on this trip, as I got some pretty nice video material and they had planned everything, which was a nice thing of them to do. Having all planned out and needing to stick to a timetable made my head freak out several times though.

I have never been an organized pre-planning traveler and found myself in situations doing so this year and the past one… I guess because I wanted to record stuff and I liked the people around. But I am starting to actually freak out traveling that way.

I’m thinking about doing a road trip on my own in July. Without booking anything, just me and maybe a car (or a scooter somewhere in Asia), heading and staying where it takes me. No plans at all – just a road and some luck. For me, personally, to have some adventure miraculously unfold in front of you, is the perfect way of traveling.

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