Canggu- Bali’s best kept secret?

Since Kuta is now packed with tourists, souvenir shops, trash and Bintang bottles, the first pioneers started to flee to Canggu. As we know, Hipsters are the modern explorers marking the first era to destroy a local culture with fancy food, artsy restaurants and hip neighbourhoods. In those early stages of gentrification prices are still affordable, but soon tend to explode once luxury tourism has choked back local culture.

This article recommends some places that support local food and sustainable produce. In some five or six years from now it might look like trashy Kuta nowadays (optimistic fingers crossed this doesn’t happen). But right now it is Hipster wonderland where you can drink pink Pitaya superfood smoothies out of wax straws.

What can you do in Canggu?

E a t  E a t  E a t

Alright. If you’ve read my blog before, you might have noticed that I am obsessed with Indonesian food. Here’s a guide to the nicest places around Canggu with beautifully decorated food that actually tastes as awesome as it looks.

(The Hipsters got me by now)

VIDA CAFEJalan Pantai Batu Bolong No.38A/ Canggu

This beautiful organic cafe is a treat for your soul. The food is amazing and the inside looks like a small temple. Not only breakfast, but also lunch and dinner are worthy to try out. You can choose between sitting at a proper table or hang out on the pillows on the floor, a bit further in the back of the restaurant. Get an organic coffee with almond milk or one of the plenty smoothie bowls on the menu. The music is a mix of traditional Balinese music and some electronic beats.


MO-FR 7AM-10.30PM

GRASS TERRACEJl. Munduk Catu, Canggu/ Badung 8036

A cosy place between plants with some authentic Indonesian food. The owner is a local and the dishes make you want to overeat until you pass out. The sauces are the best- make sure to order some extra, and dip in everything that’s on your plate. Get a hair-raising cocktail (2 for 1) after and get that food digested the hard way. To sum it up: Amazing food and terrible, but cheap cocktails.




STRAWBERY FIELDS77 Jalan Batu Belig, Gang Anisa, Kuta UtaraBadung, Bali,

This one is actually in Seminyak, but it’s not too far away by scooter for a day. And trust me- it’s worth it. You feel like being inside a garden with plants growing down the walls, some great art on the ceiling and a black artsy bathroom.

This New York style restaurant if for meat lovers as well. Strawberry Fields offers a wide range of healthy vegan food, but there’s also good meat to be found as well as a bacon and egg breakfast, that will make you mouth drool once you see the waiter heading to your table with your plate in his hands.


MO-FR 8AM-midnight

BALI BUDAJalan Banjar Anyar No. 24, Kerobokan, Mengwi, Kerobokan

“Real Food by Real People”. One of the first and most famous places to eat healthy organic food on Bali. A wifi free zone that provides a nice space to read and chat with friends without being distracted by your phones. The restaurant has a built in store, where you can buy fresh banana bead, energy balls, sun lotion, organic face cream and much more. Make sure to try one soup at least and buy some fresh banana bread.



P a r t y

Bali has some good parties going on. If you like electronic music, beaches and dancing people Old Man’s in Canggu or Potato Head Beach Club in Seminyak are the places to be.

OLD MAN'SJl. Pantai Batu Bolong, Kuta Utara, Canggu

Old Man’s lies directly at the beach and offers both food as well some nice parties in the evening. It’s best to just stay after the food and start with some drinks to then party the night away- well at least until 1AM, as the place closes right after.

Website OLD MAN’S


POTATO HEAD BEACH CLUBJl. Petitenget No. 51 Seminyak, Bali 83061

This one is nice – trust me! You can find it in Bali, Jakarta, Singapore and Hong Kong. Sustainability is achieved by them offering local produce with seasonal ingredients. A place with a laid-back spirit and a tropical soul. Do not miss out on that one!

Make sure to spare a whole sunny day there. Hang out at the pool that overlooks the beach, go swimming in the ocean and hang out at the lounge chairs with a drink in your hand. Get some suntan, maybe get a bit tipsy and be happy!



E N J O Y  T H E  B E A C H

Hang out at the beach, go surfing or watch other do so. Grab some coconut water, put on your bikini and be lazy, enjoy the island and watch the waves.

W h e r e  t o  s t a y ?

There’s a really nice place here in Canggu, where you can hang out in a room or a private villa with your own swimming pool. If you are two or more you can share the costs and you won’t pay more than 11-12€ for a two bed room close to the pool in low season.


Puri Canguu Villas and Rooms
BALI Map beautiful


W h o  i n v i t e d  y o u  t o  B a l i ?

I hate when places change. I don’t want them to. I expect them to egoistically stay the same as I had remembered them. I know that Bali benefits from tourism economically and also needs this sector to get money in, but then I am bothered about places becoming so very touristic, that I wish they had never changed.

At the very same time I am sitting in a café that plays electronic music whilst I gulp down my incredibly cheap, green wheat grass shot feeling happy about consuming, healthy organic food. I have turned into a hipster, who sits down in an organic café trying to be conscious about the environment whilst I (as well) am marking the change that will most likely transform this kind of secret, and rather quiet place into an area where more and more hotels will be build in the future, ripping it off its natural resources.

And then I ask myself: Who invited me to Bali?

What are your thoughts about tourism in Bali. Does it help the island or mark its downfall?



    • Hahaha nice! 🙂 the villas are nice in Puri Canggu, but also the normal rooms! Plus you can see Mount Agung from the entrance 🙂

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