Munduk is a little village in northern Bali high up the mountains. It’s a gem not a lot of people know about. If you want to escape the rather touristy parts of Ubud or Canggu and enjoy a cooler climate, Munduk is the place to go. It’s located west of Buyan and Tamblingan Lakes and can easily be reached by scooters. Munduk not only offers various scenic hiking spots, but also plenty of -rather unexplored- waterfalls.

Get your camera ready and plan your trip up north – there’s a lot to explore!

Munduk drone


Sunrise munduk

Set your alarm at 5am and make sure to be at the Twin Lakes Viewpoint latest 5.30am. Th sun rises straight ahead of you (Lakes on your right). You’ll see it move over the mountains though. Set your camera on time-lapse, lean back and enjoy the view.

You can sleep when you’re dead.


Swing munduk

Once you’re up at the Twin Lake’s viewpoint, you can ride along the street and find some swings to ride on. There are various spots to choose from and all look slightly different. We were asking for the prices at all of them and it turns out that most of the charge you between 50000 and ridiculously 100000 Rupiah. I started to laugh at the price and the Balinese people at the ticket counter did too. They shrugged their shoulders and knew very well they were overcharging. Weirdly those were the sots that were the most crowded ones.

If you ride along the street a little bit further (lakes are on your left), where the second lake begins, you can find a spot where it only costs 25000 per person and I do believe its the nicest one. Plus there wasn’t anyone around when we went. No queue – great images of a swing that looks as if it as the only thing up there.

Hop on, get a picture, smile stupidly and make your mom happy.

Swing bali


Alright – here we go! there are just so so many waterfalls around Munduk it’s quite hard to choose the right ones! I’ll make it easy for you: You’ll go to the Golden waterfall, Red Coral Waterfall and Labuhan Waterfall. That”s it. If you’re motivated, there are a lot more, but these are closest to Munduk village and hard to beat. Plus they are a bit off the beaten track and most likely rather empty when you get there.

By the way skip Git Git waterfall – it’s a tourist trap and we should call it “Shit Git”!


This one you’ll start with. Enter at the black and white sign that says “waterfall” and not at any restaurant entries. It’s a step walk down, I realized I had only been sitting on scooters and my physical condition resembles a bug on the ground that can’t turn around anymore … but it was worth it.

When we got there, we did not have to pay entry. Might be because everyone was sleeping or it is actually free. Who knows? It’s beautiful.

Golden waterfall munduk
Munduk hiking


This one is my all time favorite! I went there 8 years ago – loved it – game back – still love it!

At the entry there’s a little parking spot which will cost 2000 Rupiah. Take it or leave it, but you can park a little bit further down the roads and not pay anything.

Entry is 25000 per person a little bit further down the path and it’s absolutely worth it. This waterfall got me! Do no miss out on it! (little voice in my head tells me not to publish that one … but lucky you – I did!)



Chronicles in wonderland
Coral view waterfall


That one is a loooong walk. And you could have guessed so: it’s worth it. But it’s a long walk and I fell on my face in the water when I tried to record the path, hahaha. I will for sure cut it out of the final video, but be careful when you walk over the wet stones once you’re down there.

Entry is 10000 per Person.

If you’re adventurous you can go by scooter but you have to be very adventurous. If you are rather clumsy and tend to slip on wet stones,you”lol go with the mud on your face and walk. It’s a loooong walk and the only thing that made me smile there was the shower after.

Labuhan waterfall munduk

Here’s a visual map our AirBnB host drew and gave us. I digitalized it, because it’s quite useful to find stuff. Anyways, it’s not geographically accurate 😉

Map munduk


Ulun danu temple

Uuuuh yeah this is a nice one! You can see that. Problem is, that everyone can see that and that’s about how crowded it it! There are masses (!!) of tourists, but since the temples are arranged inside the water you wont have them on your pictures. The temple is 50000 entry per person and is actually much smaller than it appears on the pictures.

Ulun danu temple


Sunset munduk

There’s a little parking lot right on top of the road once you head up the hill. You can see a stature there and that’s where you want to view the sunset. It’s a magical one, because you’re so close to he clouds. Grab some beers, grab your GoPro and make sure to be there at 5.30pm to set your time-lapse. Because we’re so close to the equator the time of the sunset is more or less the same during the year. Check this page for sunrise and sunset timespage for sunrise and sunset times though and make sure to be there 30 minutes early. The most spectacular thing will be the fast clouds that move around you.

Statue munduk


Puri sunset homestay munduk

In Munduk we stayed in an AirBnb called “Puri Sunset Homestay” and paid around 20 Euros per night. You can also watch the sunsets from your bed, in case you’re lazy and don’t mind the cables of the street in front of you. The people that host this place are extremely friendly and you will feel like a terrible person once you’ve met them. They will get out of their way to try and make you happy, serve you amazing food, ask how your day was and bring you coffee when you sit down at the table with a sleepy face trying to smile.

Balinese people are generally so friendly you might be wondering whether they are constantly on drugs, but I guess it just rubs off if you stay at a beautiful place like that.

Puri sunset homestay munduk
Puri sunset homestay munduk


Warung made’s

Here we go! Made is a cook who surprised us with amazing food every time we went there! Make sure to check out this place and try at least two dished on the menu.

Main Courses are between 30-40000 Rupiah and extremely delicious! plus there are lots of vegan options if you’re out into cow titty juice and want to spare some chickens.

I can highly recommend the tomato soup (which was so good, there was no time for a picture as well as the Gado Gado, which is vegetables in peanut sauce. YUUUM.

Made’s warung
Warung made’s Munduk
Made’s warung munduk

Ready to explore Munduk? Let me know if this article was helpful. If you’ve got any questions, comment below and I’ll help you out 🙂

Munduk hike


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