Rain was pouring down outside as I sat on one of the colorful hostel couches. iPad on the lap, peanut butter sandwich on the right and coffee on the left.

I was happy that the rain was backing my decision not to move at all that day.

The day before had been busy: Seven hours of walking for 267 video files. Walking and waiting. Letting tourists pass, so the shots would look nicer. More walking. Hurting feet and empty batteries.

Today I would not move. Today I would go to bed early. Today I would finish my video edit.

Today was not going to happen as I had thought.

I removed my earphones some five hours later and placed the iPad on the couch. A Tiger beer was handed to me. “Do you want to join in?”

“Oh yes! I need it for my brain,” I replied rubbing my eyes.

The beer was cold and rather okay. Better than the ones I was used to from Brazil – way worse than any from Germany.

It was cold and it was the start of one epic night.

Austin from Canada, Ryan from California, Jen from Russia and me from Germany were heading to one of Singapore’s rooftop bars in Chinatown. The roof was on the third floor and all of my friends in São Paulo would have chuckled had they seen it, but it was a nice bar on a roof with some nice lights.

“A Rum on ice please! Can you make it a big one? Less ice more rum, please?” I asked the waitress trying to smile as nicely as I could.

“Of course! No problem!” She smiled and came back with a tiny rum and a lot of ice some minutes later.

18 Dollars. 9 dollars per sip. Every time I took a tiny sip the sound of a cash register  formed in the back of my brain.

One glass later the prices did not appear so bad anymore and we ordered more drinks. At around 2am the bar closed and it was time to pay. As I got my money out to pay my share, the fan on the ceiling blew it right out of my hands onto the roof.

A 10 Dollar bill blew away! If I lose these my Rum and my apple cider will be 40 instead of 30 Dollars in total. Neither had actually been my budget to be honest.

The guys offered to climb down to catch the note that was still hanging at the edge of the roof and my brain was calculating whether these 10$ would be worth the risk.

Alcohol decided they were, and in the end it all went well. Austin happily climbed back on the roof with the 10$ note in his hands! In the meantime Ryan had paid for all of us and the sound of some cash register turned into some heavenly haaaaaaaaaa music!

Back in the hostel we found kick scooters in the corner and decided the night had to be celebrated. The four of us cruised along the main streets and asked locals for directions to beer. I am not sure if it was the scooters that denied us most of the entries or if it was already that late that they were actually closing.

Anyways- our crew of „the four amazing scooter people“ – as I had advertised us unsuccessfully to the doorman- moved on. Following the river we found some rather dodgy but colorful bar, that was calling us in with some ridiculously amazing Indian music.

Let’s go!

We parked our kick scooters outside and entered through a red curtain.

An old Indian lady walked towards us waving her hands: No! No No NOOO PICTAAA”

“Okay”, I lied to her.

Inside were some of the most beautiful Indian girls dancing in their colorful gowns of happiness. Dancing towards the money. Dancing towards some rather dull looking  Indian men drooling on their wallets.

I was mesmerized by how beautifully those women were moving and took out my phone to …

“NOOOO. NO NO NO PICTAAAAA”. Mommy was shouting at me from the far back.

“Okay,” I lied to her.

The green robe of the girl in front of me was barely moving. She was the lazy one. She was not into dancing and she did not care. Talking to the others she somewhat half heartedly moved her hands and if it had been allowed she would probably have stared at her phone all night pretending to dance. „Come on daaaance“, alcohol demanded.

We ordered 5 beers for 77$ and as we stopped caring about the ridiculously high prices, some sound was echoing through the speakers.

“CONGRATULAAAATIONS” and we witnessed how one of the girls who had moved like an Indian angel fairy got a huge red flower bouquet. Someone had apparently given her 20$ and it was instantly celebrated like that.

Damn! I want to do that too, I thought.

“Hey!! Let’s give 20$ to the girl with the green dress that does not dance!! OH MY GOD!! We need to do …”

I was drunk and money turned into painted paper.

Luckily noone was backing my idea to mess with the reward system and as I thought about how her surprised face would look like when she got these flowers, another georgeoud girl danced towards us and threw herself on the floor starting to dance with her butt.

“Holy motherf….” I thought while pulling out my phone to take a …

“NO NO NO NOOOO PICTAAAAAA” mommy screamed.

Damn! She seems to appear from nowhere. How the heck is she doing that?!

We guessed it was time to leave. Heading out with rather empty pockets – heads still held up high – we strode towards our scooters and rolled towards Singapore River.

And man that was some beautiful view as skyscrapers were reflected in the water. It almost looked like there was a sunken city. I loved it.

It was 6am and the sky brightened up the skyline ahead of us. Shiny skyscrapers were glittering in the water in front of us and I looked down at my 14$ pancakes from MCDonald’s at 6am in the morning and asked myself how easily alcohol and painted paper makes you so quickly forget the blue spots covering the back of our dancing angel fairy.



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